It's Formal Season - Here's Where You Start!

 Before booking your appointment it’s good to have a rough idea of what you’re looking for when it comes to picking your formal dress. There are a lot of options out there and it can get pretty overwhelming. Start with some colours that you like, move onto fabrics and then gather some inspiration photos to show in-store from our Miss Runway Formal Pinterest page.   


When choosing the colour that is right for you, consider what flatters you most. What colours compliment your skin stone or contrast your eyes? Some colours that work well for warm skin tones include green, brown, mustard and red. Colours for cooler skins tone include emerald, purple, pink and blue. Those with a neutral skin tone are recommended to opt for neutral or soft colours of pink, green, yellow or blue. Make a list of three colours that interest you. 


There is a wide range of fabrics that are available for you to choose from, but ultimately it’s up to your own preference. But it’s important to think about how the fabric will work for you. A few fabrics at Miss Runway Formal include beaded, velvet, glitter, sequin, tulle, satin, lace and polyester. 



The style of your formal gown is just as important as your choice of colour and fabric. When thinking about what style you want, consider what you want to draw attention to. What feature do you want to be complimented or highlighted? See below for examples:

Corset Gown

Above: Danielle Corset Velvet Gown - Deep Berry

A-Line Gown

Above: Vivien Floral Gown - Champagne

Ball Gown

Above: Danielle Corset Velvet Gown - Deep Berry

Strapless Gown

Above: Danielle Corset Velvet Gown - Deep Berry

Cowl Neck Gown

Above: Danielle Corset Velvet Gown - Deep Berry

Modest Gown

Above: Danielle Corset Velvet Gown - Deep Berry


The Next Step

Now that you have a stronger idea of what you want, call our Brisbane formal store to book an appointment. Our staff at Miss Runway Formal will help you find your 2022 formal gown!








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