Which Jadore Dress Suits Your Horoscope

Every year, we find ourselves in search of the perfect new dream dress that feels like it was made especially for us.

Since the new year is almost here (good riddance 2020), we thought we’d try something a little different. Why not use our horoscopes as an exciting new way to dictate our fashion choices? Just like your star sign can be used to explain certain personality traits, it can also be used to explain your sense of style too!

In fact, referring to your zodiac sign can be a super fun and cheeky way to revamp your wardrobe and find your soulmate in dress form.

From earth to fire signs, and air to water signs, keep scrolling for a celestial Jadore dress shopping guide suited especially for you.  

Thank us later!


Your style is low-maintenance, yet sexy and pretty damn powerful at times. You tend to prefer dark colours – is there anything better than an LBD? We think not. Look no further than the Sansa gown. Its deep V beaded bodice and thigh high leg split is practically calling your name Scorpio!


Aries, you’re a risk taker and we love to see it! You love making a statement with the clothes that you wear, and you definitely don’t shy away from bold colours. The Renee Gown in cobalt features a double strap low neckline and a glam full skirt for maximum appeal.


Taurus, you appreciate the finer things in life and every day is a treat yourself day, right? You’re drawn to luxe fabrics and glam silhouettes, which is why the Nicola Gown in white is your match made in heaven. It’s strapless corset style bodice and fishtail gown is everything.


Gemini, you’re certainly no outfit repeater. You love to mix up your style and rarely stick to the basics, keeping up with whatever is on trend at all times. You’re here for fun prints and vibes, and the Vivien Glitter Gown is giving us all kinds of magical feels.  

Vien Glitter Gown Front Ny


Since you’re a water sign, softer palettes of blues, greys and silvery shades of white are your thing. that elegant vibe that you crave, meet the Bailey Glitter Gown in musk, Cancer. This is bringing us all the Dua Lipa future nostalgia vibes.


Leo, you can be semi dramatic with your personal fashion choices because let’s face it, you like to stand out and gain all eyes on you. Vivid hues and sultry silhouettes suit your bold, creative and vibrant personality. Leo – meet the Carmen Gown in red. This satin ruched gown is the ultimate showstopper.

Carmen Satin Gown Front Lean Red


Paying attention to detail is your thing, we get it Virgo. The Paige Glitter Gown in this bold red glitter fabric has a lot going for it. Lace up back, thigh high split and a plunging neckline? It’s yours.

Paige Glitter Gown Front Red


Libra, you love all things beautiful and you make sure that everyone knows it. Fashion is your thing and your refined style is one of the reasons why we know you’ll love the Harlow gown in musk. Super sleek, effortless appeal.

Harlow Gown Front 8 Musk


More is more when it comes to your dress sense, right? Luxurious fabrics and deep colours are what you live for, and the Ava gown in emerald green is everything and more.


You’re all about looking strong, successful and powerful, we get it Capricorn and we’ve got you covered. The Imogen gown in the prettiest sage hue promises to have you looking the best dressed at the ball. Polished? Always.


When it comes to your own sense of style, fashion ‘rules’ simply aren’t in your vocab, and there’s no such thing as ‘too much’. The Emily Beaded Gown is next level glamorous, adorned with head-to-toe beading and a sheer style bodice. Pure princess vibes.

Emily Beaded Gown Front


Known as the “the natural mermaid of the Zodiac”, you’re naturally drawn to palettes of blue, and pearly, ethereal looking styles. The Rihanna Satin Gown in powder blue is silky, flowy and screams mermaid vibes.

Find your dream look in the collection of Jadore dresses at Miss Runway Boutique. 

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