You Won't Believe that this Bumble Conversation Turned into a Date

July 30, 2018

You Won't Believe that this Bumble Conversation Turned into a Date

You Won't Believe that this Bumble Conversation Turned into a Date

Have you ever sent a few emojis as an opening line on Bumble to then receive a few emojis back as a reply and realise that this conversation is dumb and is going nowhere? Well even if you haven't (which I'm quite sure you're lying to me about!) here's what it normally looks like:
Bumble emoji conversation opening line
He puts in ZERO effort at all! Usually this opener gets a better response. 
On the weekend, however, after sending my same Pizza Wine opener and getting a much better reply, it turned into an actual real life date. But you won't believe how it all went down...
Bumble funny unbelievable conversation
Online dating conversation
So if after reading this you're still confused - let me tell you what happened!
Me: Would you like to go out for Pizza and Wine?
Robert: Sounds great! When?
Me: On the 27th at 7pm.
Robert: My place?*
Me: No thanks. The city instead.
Robert: I'm wondering where in the city?
Me: South Bank.
Robert: Let's do the Fox Hotel.
Me: I'm sick at the moment. Can we reschedule to the 28th?
Robert: Sure.
Me: Lock it in.
Robert: Are you feeling better?
Me: Yes thank gosh!
Robert: So confirming - the Fox Hotel at 7pm. Do we have the green light?
Me: Yes we're on.
Robert: Catching the train now.
Me: I'm stuck in traffic.
Robert: I'm here.
Me: I'm hurrying. This is so frustrating!
Our completely emoji based conversation on Bumble turned into a date. I met him at 7:20pm (curse the traffic in Brisbane on a Saturday night) at the Fox. I was dubious about a dinner date there but it turned out to just be a meeting place an we went on to get drinks and some delicious Thai food.
*Note that the "My place?" message may have also just been him asking "Where?" but I decided it said otherwise! Never confirmed.

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